About Us

+ Who We Are

Great Health Companion, a California Healthcom Group product, backed by Healthcom International Program, branded as HaoEYou Satellite Clinics in China, provides high quality and professional services for Chinese patients worldwide, especially patients from Mainland China. Currently, we have over 200 HaoEYou Satellite Clinics located within grade 3A hospitals covering Northeast, central and East regions across China. In the past 2 years, we have served thousands of teleconsult and medical tourists, assisting them to receive medical treatment in the U.S.

+ Our Vision

The art of medicine worth spreading. We strive to eliminate the barriers, to provide quality healthcare beyond borders, keep patient, also doctors in mind, to ensure the continuity of healthcare is, and will always be well maintained.

+ Our Mission

To connect the doctors, the facilities, the patients at different latitude and longitude. To bridge the healthcare providers among different countries. To facilitate the value export of the state-of-the-art healthcare service of the US’ world renowned facilities.

By keeping every aspect of international telemedicine in loop, will we achieve the continuity of cross border healthcare.