Facility Value Export

Facility Value Export

+ Facilities with Facilities

World leading facilities always understand the bigger international presence they possess, the more impactful, meaningful work can be exercised by their talented leaders, faculties, staffs, and physicians. Globalization of medicine starts with these facilities, and can be spread to all the corners around the world.

We see the needs of world renowned facilities in better localization, exportation of their values, beliefs in healing humankind. With our extensive hospital network in China, we can deliver the messages to those in needs like never before.

Health System Planning Icon

+ Health System Planning

With the extensive and profound knowledge of the world renowned facilities, the health system planning can be achieved by supporting facilities to assure the availability of equitable integrated people-centered health services at an affordable price; to provide information and evidence on health-related matters.

What’s more is that to support facilities to develop, implement and monitor solid policies, strategies and plans, and to facilitate access to affordable, safe and effective medicines and health technologies.

Technology and Innovation Icon

+ Technology and Innovation

The top notch facilities in the US make the most of the latest technologies, including robotic surgery, various kinds of minimal invasive surgeries as well as electronic medical record system. We believe the expertise in these areas worth spreading to the other side of the world, to make a bigger impact, to help more.

We’d love to introduce the latest and the best technology and innovations to the biggest consumer market, and the most rapid growing medical industry in the world, China.

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+ Physician Training

We partner with facilities that provide observership programs for doctors from China. This is an informal shadowing experience that enables participants to attend inpatient and outpatient rounds, watch procedures and surgeries; attend core conferences, lecture and learn about medical care in the United States.

During this observership, visiting doctors will have a chance to learn how modern medicine is practiced in one of the best medical facilities in the world, as well as to have a glimpse of medical education in the west.

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