Individual Medical Services

Individual Medical Services

+ Doctors with Patients

We help to build the bridge between US top specialists and patients in China. To better achieve the goal of providing quality healthcare beyond borders, we work with our strategic partner, Haoeyou, the biggest telemedicine platform, also the only designated international telemedicine provider for tier 3 hospitals in China.

With our extensive hospital networks in China, patients will have no problem in implementing US physician’s recommendations. China’s doctor will also be involved in the consultation process, which will significantly improve the outcome.

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+ Video Consultation

We enable cross border physician to physician, or physician to patient video consultation via one of the most advanced telemedicine platform, a HIPAA compliant all in one solution which provides seamless connection between two parties that are thousands of miles apart.

We have certified medical interpreters on site to provide the highest quality of interpretation service throughout the communication process. They are medical professionals who received their medical training in China.

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+ Written Consultation

Sometimes patients or physicians will prefer to have their concerns resolved in a written format. Especially when the case involves multiple specialties, as in oncology tumor board. This will often include impressions and recommendations from various doctors, including oncology, surgery, radiology and pathology.

We have a professional medical team that will take care of the word-to-word translation, organization, and will be responsible for the delivery of the information with the highest standard.

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+ Overseas Medical Visits

Patients may choose to come to the US for his or her medical needs, sometimes, a simple but extensive physical exam, more often, a serious illness that probably could only be done in the US. We will ease and facilitate the process with the help of our professional medical team both in China and in the US.

And doctors, we will help you as well. With our solid background in medical systems in both countries, we can and will make overseas medical visits no different than your local cash patients.

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