Medical Group Cooperation

Medical Group Cooperation

+ Doctors with Doctors

We constantly seek out private practices with unique and successful model. The ones that stand out in the crowd, the ones that make themselves different than any other practices. We work with doctors, as well as managers, nurses, and strive to export not only medical professionalism, but the values that they hold dear.

Private practices are thriving in China, yet there’s a great shortage of both the knowledge and skills in managing a successful private practice. Especially in the field of general internal medicine, family medicine, neurology and oncology.

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+ Management Program

Are you not only a doctor but a businessman? Do you have a successful management model? Do you want to build your brand in China? Here we are, constantly seeking leaders like you, and practices like yours. There’s a great shortage of private practice in China at this moment, let’s do something.

We’d like to import successful oncology and pediatric practices into China’s vibrant market, export not only the state-of-the-art medical service, but also the brilliant mind that makes the difference.

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+ Physician Observation

We partner with practices that provide observership programs for doctors from China. This is an informal shadowing experience that enables participants to attend inpatient and outpatient rounds, watch procedures and surgeries; attend core conferences, lecture and learn about medical care in the United States.

Through this observership, US doctors will have a chance to learn how medicine is practiced in the other side of the world, CN doctors will be able to learn first hand from the masters how the modern medicine is practiced in private settings.

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+ Academic Cooperation

We partner with private practices with solid academic settings like research and clinical trials. While one on one medical consult can provide immediate value for the patient or the specific physician, we take it to another level, by providing educational seminars, to introduce the bleeding-edge research findings.

We assist US practices and doctors build influence among their colleagues in China, facilitate bilateral academic conversation, explore new ideas, promote the development of modern medicine in China and the US.

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